Design Build

We are proudly serving Vancouver, and the lower mainland area, Taranis Construction, Inc. has created a comprehensive strategy for the design build of dream homes. Through our transparent policy, we not only allow but encourage our customers to be well-informed about every aspect of their home design process. Whether it is a top-up addition, home extension or a new build — we can do it all!

Our comprehensive design process consists of the following steps:


We will create a schematic design, i.e., the blueprints, of the prospective project based on all the information we have gathered thus far, including the rough sketches we have created throughout the consultation and assessment phases. We will work with you most closely during this phase, as the custom design often needs to be adjusted and fine-tuned based on your unique preferences. The final blueprints will consist of detailed floor plans and exterior elevation views of your new home, and they serve as a determinant for the final budget.


After the initial consultation, our highly trained structural engineer will come in to conduct a thorough assessment of the current state of an existing home or the site where a new house will be built. During the onsite visit, the engineer will assess the home’s structural stability to determine whether it is safe to build up or outwards with the current structural support system. This assessment helps us establish the full scope of the project, the construction schedule, and the preliminary budget.


Once the blueprints are complete, we will create a map of the new HVAC, i.e., heating, ventilation and air conditioning, system. With the help of a reputable HVAC company, we will determine the correct positioning of the air ducts and registers throughout your new home by calculating the transmission heat loss through windows, doors, walls, etc. Our end goal for this phase is for your new home to have its optimal temperatures and temperature control systems, in order to promote your maximum comfort and most efficient energy use.


When all of the architectural drawings and plans are complete, we will submit them to the City for approval based on zoning and other bylaws. Whereas previously there were bylaws for each specific municipality, today there is one harmonized city-wide zoning bylaw. For properties with non-conforming aspects, a meeting with the Committee of Adjustment may be necessary.


Upon agreement on the required permits and submission of the appropriate paperwork, we are ready to move on to the construction phase of the project.

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive home design process, or if you would like us to get started on designing your new home anywhere in the lower mainland area contact us today!